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in 2018 my son (nine in May) was diagnosed with mild autism. it has been a long, frustrating, yet rewarding learning experience for the both of us. there are times when I feel completely defeated, but I am genuinely looked forward to learning more about him and who he is as a person, in addition to this awesome community!

so much of the progress we have made wouldn’t have been possible without the advice, knowledge and support of the individuals in this community, in addition to the team of specialists and therapists that have worked closely with big A and I over the last few years! my goal here is to create a safe space for discussion, knowledge attainment and guidance to any and all information that may be sought for parents and families who are blessed with awesome autistics!

back in 2019, we had just picked up lunch and were driving through the city when big A spotted a homeless man standing on the sidewalk. he had so many questions, most of which centered on the sign the man was holding asking for food. I explained as best as I could, and big A immediately replied, “I’m going to give him my fries! I really think he’ll like them!” he proceeded to roll down his window and grab the man’s attention, before handing him the fries and wishing him a good day.

that was the moment that started it all!

a couple days later, we went out to the grocery store and filled a cart with non-perishable foods as well as supplies that they could use from day to day (travel toothbrush, mini hand sanitizers, nail clippers, antibacterial wipes, dry shampoo, bandaids/ointments, trial size lotion, etc.) and went home to put together our first bunch of grab-and-go bags.

we’ve been doing our part since then, donating supplies, food, and recycled clothing to those in need. we always make sure to go through the city when we visit NaNa so that big A and little A can hand out our bags. they take so much pride in their efforts to make life a little easier for those in the position. if you would like to help A & A continue making a difference in their small part of the world, please make a donation! all funds go towards the purchase and distribution of our grab-and-go bags!

thank you for your continued support, be blessed!

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all donations are allocated between supplies and non-perishable foods included in our grab-and-go bags. any and all contributions are very much appreciated!
-big A


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