love languages for your awesome autistic

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our little humans have needs just like everyone else, and it’s important to give them the kind of love they require to ensure we raise the best versions of our children.

physical touch

whether it’s meant to calm in moments of distress or reaffirm a positive moment, warm hugs are an easy way to spoil your awesome autistic with physical touch. cuddling during movie night and storytime is another great way to express love through physical touch. in our little humans’ moments of triumph and success, fist bumps and high fives also fall under this category of affirmation.

words of affirmation

my awesome autistic is HUGE on words of affirmation, and it’s my love language as well so we thrive in this area. there are so many ways to affirm your little human with words, some of my favorites include: personal sticky notes in their lunchbox, compliments on artwork, encouragement when trying new things, and cheering them on every step of the way.

acts of service

one of my favorite ways to show love through acts of service is cleaning their room with them. cleaning, organizing and rearranging can oftentimes be daunting for our awesome autistics, participating and helping is a huge show of affection. helping with homework, bringing them a healthy snack with water, and tucking them in at night are a few other ways to give our little ones love.

recieving gifts

surprising our little ones with special gifts on an ordinary day is a sure way to see their beautiful smiling faces. making their favorite snack or dessert, mailing packages when you’re apart and their gifts when they give them to you are gifts in and of themselves. if they’ve recently discovered a new interest, give them something that shows your support and encouragement!

quality time

quality time is essential, especially for our awesome autistics who have siblings. feeling loved and appreciated is a huge part of our awesome autistics happiness and their are so many ways to ensure your little humans feel valued. one-on-dates, game/movie nights, walks and bike rides together, and conversations about their day paired with undivided attention are great ways to spoil your little human with quality time.

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