the last single digit birthday for my awesome autistic

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this weekend we celebrated big A’s last year in single digits! as we go into this ninth year, big A had a lot to be thankful for – especially the Poppy and Branch Dance Along plushies that NaNa and PaPa got him to celebrate the big day! every day was filled with fun filled activities, and big A would love to share with you all how celebrated the big 9!

may 14th

as opposed to usual wake up of tapping him on the butt until he wakes up, I decided to just sing happy birthday loudly in his ear until he woke up. halfway through the song he started smiling, letting me know he was awake, but continued to fake sleep until the end of the song. he popped up and got dressed quicker than I’ve ever seen him do for school on a Friday- or any day for that matter!

(this actually got me thinking about making every day a ‘holiday’ for him so that he’s motivated and in good spirits throughout the day; click here to purchase our 365 holiday calendar)

big A had a fantastic day in school, and got to open one of his presents during his break-his face lit up when he unwrapped his new minion onesie! that kid changed into that onesie so fast he forgot to zip up butt flap LOL! (yes this onesie is made like a 1950 flannel and I love it!)

some of his favorite teachers even popped into this classroom throughout the day to wish him a happy birthday 🙂 the kid literally smiled from ear to ear the entire day. when school was all done, NaNa and PaPa had one final surprise for him and little A – a swing and slide playset for our backyard! after big A opened the rest of his gifts, we got to work leveling the ground in the yard and prepping for the installation process! when we ran out of daylight, big A opened his new movie: Croods the New Age, and the family sat down for dinner and a movie

may 15th

at this point, big A had watched the Croods 4 times over and had learned half the dialogue and all of the music. he woke up super early and did his Croods puzzle while watching the movie for a 5th time as we waited for NaNa and PaPa to arrive to continue working. we spent the day putting together the frame of the playset and by the time the sun set all that was left was to attach the slide tower to the swings and put on the finishing touches

may 16th

NaNa and PaPa came to finish putting together the playset and then we all cleaned up and went bowling to celebrate big A! when I tell y’all we had a blast, that would be an understatement. big A’s self confidence was through the roof for most of the night, even though he had a few moments when his spirits were a little down – he picked himself right back up and enjoyed himself. the kid did better than me, even picked up a few spares!! I was so proud, but what’s more important is that he was proud of himself!

all in all … my sweet boy had the best weekend celebrating, and was super happy to find out that his Granddaddy and CoCo sent him money to get the skateboard he wanted! on top of everything else, big A was eager to get to sleep Sunday night, because he went back to school on Monday morning! he was so pumped to be back in the building with his favorite teachers and friends he wouldn’t even let me walk him in! when he got out of the car, he told ME to have a good day!

excuse me while I go cry, my baby is growing up

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