songs that bring out my awesome autistic’s personality

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people have always said that music is therapeutic, and despite the fact that my sweet boy cannot carry a note at all, singing with him has always been one of my favorite pastimes. when we’d road trip back home down south, I’d queue up the playlist and roll down the windows – losing ourselves in the beat, lyrics and freedom of the open road. over the years our playlist has done nothing but expand – and big A would like to share his favorite road trip songs with you!

1. papa mama loca pipa

first of all, I just have to mention how impressed I am that my sweet boy can sing this whole song almost perfectly. for anyone not familiar with the Minions, they speak a language that’s a combination of english, spanish, french and gibberish. I still struggle speaking Spanish after 5 years of classes, but somehow this kid has mastered this entire minion language. I honestly don’t know how he does it, but when this song comes on his eyes light up and he puts on a backseat show!

2. move your feet/ D.A.N.C.E./ it’s a sunshine day

over the years, I have watched big A make every single one of the faces princess poppy makes while singing this song. aside from the minions and despicable me soundtracks, trolls was the first movie to really get big A up and moving. after we moved up north, we’d spend our 8 hour drive back home listening to trolls at least twice (if not three times) in rotation with our other favorites because they’re just so catchy. this song is the first song performed in the first movie and features pop renditions of some of the greats from the 70s-90s.

3. friend like me (feat. dj khaled)

let me just start off by saying that this kid might like yelling ‘DJ KHALED’ more than DJ Khaled himself (I’m not joking, its like DJK takes over his body every time lol). this song is one our entire family enjoys singing. we all take different parts and put our all into them. some of my favorite snaps are the kiddos belting this one from the backseat

4. rocket fuel (feat.

big A has been obsessed with this song since the first time he saw spies in disguise. I don’t think he knows half the actual words to the song but he is a great improviser! always makes for great laughs and has become a running joke in our home. my SO will randomly ask the kids “can you rock it like rocket fuel?”

5. ymca

LORDT. I don’t usually use capital letters but this song called for it. hands down one of the most obnoxious songs made to date BUT big A loves it so it remains on the playlist. this is definitely one of those songs you have to listen to in moderation if your child is as obsessed with minions as mine is. really cute movies though! and the rest of the soundtrack that has actual words are fire
big A loves both versions of this song, so much so that it is always his first request when we host game nights at the house. he has an entire dance routine to this song and jumps at the chance to perform it for anyone who will watch. when he’s not playing 20 times a day, he’s actually really stinking cute singing and dancing along to this classic hit

6. speed me up ( feat. lil yachty, ty dolla $ign, & sueco the kid)

there is a slight possibility I like this song more than big A does! he’s loved sonic since he discovered the game a few years back. one day, he took his tablet and recreated the entire movie within 40 minutes. the kid is truly amazing! with catchy lyrics and honestly a great mix of artists, this song will probably always be in rotation for our road trips.

7. not evil

let me just start by saying that I have never loved Tiffany Haddish more than I did in her role has Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi. she killed this role and all the songs performed throughout the movie. when my little humans and I sing this song in the car, little A and I take the Queen’s verses and big A covers the rest. this kid’s batman voice impression is hands down my favorite part of singing this song and others from the movie with him. when he commits, he commits. always a fun time, and it has gotten even better as little A learns more and more of the words.

8. just sing

personally, I have always been a fan of the trolls movies! the soundtrack to the first one was absolutely amazing, all my favorite songs from the 80/90s era. so as excited as I was for the second installment, I was a little weary of how it might turn out. one day I’m in my room and I hear big A singing his heart out downstairs. it literally warmed my heart hearing him so happy and upbeat as he recognized some of the songs and sang along while listening closely to learn the new songs from this movie. just sing is a song about unity, bringing people (or trolls) from all different walks of life together for one purpose – music. when big A asks to listen to this one in the car, I never say no. such a great of mix voices and languages and the lyrics are super uplifting.

also the movie is so freaking cute! a must see and listen for the family!

9. what’s up danger?

big A and I saw into the spiderverse so many times before the album finally dropped on spotify. to the point we knew most of the songs (or at least the parts featured in the movie) when it became available in its entirety. listening to big A sing this one is always a sight to see because when it comes to expressing himself he is usually shy and self conscious unless he knows it’s something he excels at. but when he sings this song, it’s like he is covered with an aura of confidence that is so contagious. I love seeing his face light up when this song comes on the playlist. it’s also a plus that little A is obsessed with this movie so I don’t have to listen to them fight over which movie soundtrack they want to hear instead of the one that’s playing.

** a close contender to this song was start a riot by DUCKWRTH and shaboozey

10. minion mambo

*deep breath* big A has been obsessed with minions since he was 2 years old. over the years, more and more minion songs have been added to our playlists – but this song from the original movie has managed to stay at the top of big A’s list. pharrel did a phenomenal job with the production (as always), even though the minions sound like chipmunks. this is not one I let big A listen to on repeat as it would drive me absolutely insane. still though, it’s a really cute song and probably be on big A’s top rated until his love of minions fades – if it ever does.

11. I Am The Grinch

the first time I heard big A rap was after the release of the grinch remake. jam packed with an eclectic group of artists, the soundtrack was honestly really dope – tyler the creator exceeded my expectations with this one! the blu ray set I bought the kiddos featured music videos similar to those at the end of into the spiderverse for those of you who are familiar. so it did not take big A long to learn the words and perform this one almost flawlessly. despite it being a ‘christmas’ song, this is one we listen to year round because it’s just that good. perfect addition to the playlist for any time of the year.

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